When A Church Makes God Sick

Christ’s fnal word to the churches of Asia opens with a serious charge to the Laodicean congregation.
Jesus warned, “Because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I am going to vomit you out of my
mouth” [REVELATION 3:14 CSB]. I suppose this verse qualifes as one of the better-known verses of the
Apocalypse, even if few among the churches are willing to make application of the verse to themselves or
to their own congregation. The picture is graphic as presented in the original language. The Lord warns
that Laodicean congregation that they make Him sick. Cold? He could work among them to kindle a fame
to get a few coals burning again. Hot? He could employ them in His service. Lukewarm? They had
become worthless.
Lukewarm means we think we are warm enough to be useful. Lukewarm means that we are not hot
enough to be used. We pastors want to be “cool,” to be suave, to be someone who speaks with verve and
passion ensuring that people hang onto every word. Christians, in general, especially in the western world,
want to live with one foot in the world and one foot in the church. Far too many contemporary church
members want just enough religion to be comfortable with churchy matters, but not so committed that
they offend the world.