What About John?

“What About Bob?” is a comedic movie produced in the early 90s. Starring Richard Dreyfuss and Bill Murray, the film follows the antics of a psychiatric patient named Bob (Murray) and his therapist (Dreyfuss) as Bob unwittingly intrudes into the life of his psychiatrist while the psychiatrist seeks respite with his family while on holiday. Bob ingratiates himself to the family of the psychiatrist, and the family continually asks before every venture, “What about Bob?” Ultimately, Bob pushes the psychiatrist beyond his limits, precipitating a complete breakdown of the once noted therapist.

What is described in the text before us is not comedy—it is life. Peter, acting like Peter, reveals far more about us than we may care to see revealed. Through the Kingdom of our Lord, Christians are appointed to service in varied places and to differing positions of service. The great tragedy is that, like Peter, many saints look about them and ask the Master who appointed them, “What about John?”