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The Tyranny of Tradition


We must realise that we are susceptible to transforming the Faith through the
introduction of our best efforts to make the Faith more meaningful.

Lily of the Covenant


Standing firm in the Lord, we can depend on Him to deliver us from all evil.

If You’re Thankful And You Know It

Summary: A message delivered on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. This is a study of the impact of a thankful heart on the follower of the Christ.

Do Not Destroy (Part 3)


God delivers the righteous when they look to Him. He will not permit His Name to be

Do Not Destroy (Part2)


When those who rule are unjust, how shall the Christian respond? David provides a
model for godly response in this 58th Psalm as he encourages the godly to look to the Lord for
His deliverance.

Do Not Destroy (Part I)


Exhausted following a flight to preserve his life, David looks to God Who alone can
deliver His wearied saint. And He will deliver you when you cry out to Him in the midst of your

A Dove On Distant Oaks


Fleeing for his life because the king was determined to kill him, David fled from one
dangerous situation only to enter into another dangerous situation. Where does a child of God
go when danger is all around?

Unchained Melody


The Miktams comprise Psalms written by David during a time of distress. Where
shall the Christian turn when life appears to be crashing in? The Psalmist instinctively turns to
God, just as the wise Christian turns to God.

Some Things Need to Be Cultivated!


To honour Christ, we are responsible to cultivate those graces that reveal His
presence in us.

I Have A Vision

Summary: The assemblies of the Lord must recognise the marks of the false prophet and the false teacher. They must guard themselves against succumbing to the alluring message that leads to destruction of the congregation.

god Told Me!

Summary: God’s Word, the Bible, is a perfect revelation of the mind and the will of God. We sin against Him when we attempt to usurp His place by trying to put words in His mouth.

You Are What You Think

Summary: The Master calls us to ensure that our heart is pure rather than focusing exclusively on our external practises.



Beginning well is important in the Christian Life; ending well is critical. We witness
both as we see what the Apostle Paul has written near the end of his days on this earth.

Giving Him Something He Can Feel


Faith in Jesus as the Saviour, even if that faith is not yet perfect, is honoured by the
Lord. The message serves to encourage all to look to Jesus for mercy, which He gives to all
who come to Him in faith.

This Worthless Food


Complaints against the Lord contaminate the entire assembly, necessitating God’s
discipline if we fail to practise self-discipline.

All Things New

Summary: Life for the newborn Christian is going to change. And the change will be dramatic. The same holds true for the revived saint. The change we witness in those who are twice-born and those who are revived is revealed in the new commitment Ruth demonstrated toward her mother-in-law.

The Futility of Religion


Religious exercise can become a snare if in our efforts we fail to seek the Lord.
Religion for the sake of religion is a dreadful snare.

Sarah Laughed


Sarah Laughed in unbelief, but God transformed her unbelief, changing her laughter
to the expression of joy. God longs to transform the one who is honest before Him.

Fulfilled? Or Frustrated?

Whether we live a life that is fulfilling or a life that always leaves us frustrated, is dependent upon our obedience to the revealed will of the Lord.

What In Hell Do You Want?


Eternity without God should lead us to shout, “There is nothing in hell that I want!” Yet, far too many of those living about us act as though there is something wonderful about hell. If that were not so, wouldn’t we seek to please the Lord? There is nothing in hell that I want.

He Nailed It


Sacrificing His Life, Jesus provided the means for sinners to be declared righteous.
By rising from the dead, He ensured our salvation in Him. He nailed it, providing all that is
required to set aside our sin, making us acceptable to the Father.

Person Of Interest

Summary: As a supposed victim of a judicial murder, Jesus becomes a Person of Interest. The message is a study of His sacrifice and what that sacrifice means for us.

Just Ring The Bell!

Summary: You can quit the struggle to finish the course. If you do, the impact of your life will be insignificant. If you stand firm, the impact of what you do now for Christ will yield eternal results.

I’ve Had Enough


When we finally have had enough of brokenness, marginalization, or irrelevance, we
will find that making our way through the crowds to reach Jesus can give us victory

Worship is a Matter of Who, Not How!


In worship, God is more concerned that we focus on Him than than we should be
overly concerned about the mechanics of what we are doing.

The One Thing that Made Jesus Say “Wow!”


Christ is impressed by our faith, though the quality of our faith is not required for Him
to show compassion.

The Real Sins Of Sodom

Summary: Is homosexuality the gravest sin of all? Isn’t arrogance, pride, and self-exaltation at the root of all our sin? We must repent of the sin that contaminates us even as followers of the Christ if we wish to receive His blessing.

Life Without Regret


As a follower of Christ you will be compelled to enter into spiritual battle. Paul
encourages us by pointing us to Christ and the strength that is His. Therefore, let us stand firm
in the victory that our Lord has won on our behalf

You Don’t Look Like Your Picture!


The first church was powerful for the cause of Christ. When we match the present
churches to that earliest congregation, we are often compelled to confess that we don’t look like
we are their descendants. It is past time for us to take steps to correct this situation.

Husbands, Wives and the Secret of a Successful Marriage


Biblical instruction for living as husband and wife.


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