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We Do Not Lose Heart

Summary: When we grow discouraged, we will be encouraged by the knowledge of what God has done and what He is doing in our lives because of Christ our Lord.

Ordering Her Priorities


Making the Lord your priority leads to His blessing.

The Terrible Power of a Traducing Tongue


It is not merely unbecoming for a Christian to slander or to malign a person, it is

Debt and the Conscientious Christian


The sensitive subject of indebtedness is addressed in the message, pointing to the
universal debt that rests upon each Christian.

The Rookie And The Veteran

Summary: The message is a brief look at the transformation of Saul of Tarsus into the Apostle to the Gentiles. The maturation is not an unreachable goal for us as Christians; it is rather a model for our own growth toward maturity in Christ.

This Aint No Joke!


What will be required for you as a follower to Christ to believe His commands?
Receiving Him as Master over life leads us to accept His commands.

God in the Dark


God made atonement as Jesus hung on the cross. All who receive Him as Master
over life are brought into the family of God, forgiven all sin, and saved forever.

Worshipping the Snake


We Evangelicals are as susceptible to idolatry as are every other religious group. We
don’t identify our idols as opposed to Christ’s rule, but they are idols that cause us to stumble,

Are You Saved? Are you Sure?


Jesus warns that there exists people who appear to be serving Him, though they are
lost. Therefore, He challenges each person to ensure that He has been born from above.

Where Is God When Life Crashes In?


God always works in the life of His people, bringing glory out of our trials. Because
He loves us, the pain experienced through our trials will exalt Him.

How Can We Sing the Lord’s Songs in a Foreign Land?


Our life as followers of Christ serve as either a hymn of praise pointing to our Saviour,
or it serves as mere background noise for the delight of a dying world

Something More


The errors that infiltrate the Faith are often characterised as teaching that attempts
to present “something more.” The Faith is simple and complete, requiring no addition from the
fertile imagination of any person.

Taking No Chances


 Incomplete obedience is disobedience. And yet, many fellow Christians attempt to serve God while living for the world. We need to discover the will of the Lord and courageously do that will.

Not Much Can Be Done for an Old Woman Like That!


The blessing one woman conferred upon God’s Prophet was returned to her in the
form of a rich blessing.

The Most Miserable Marriage Ever


Marriage should never be a competition. Rather, it was designed to be a means by
which husbands and wives complement one another.

And We Hold Our Peace


What responsibility do we bear to our world as followers of Christ?

It’s Too Late!

It’s Too Late!

Summary: Has western culture gone too far for redemption? Scripture would indicate that our
society is flirting with divine judgement


Summary: If it seems as if the world is falling apart before our eyes, perhaps it is because the world is falling apart before our eyes. How, then, shall Christians live in the midst of a world sliding toward divine judgement?

The Arrogance Of The Ignorant

Summary: Ignorant people attempt to mask their lack of knowledge through arrogance. Jesus pierced the facade of the Sadducees by pointing to what was written in the Word of the Living God.

Wearing Flip-Flops While Racing Against A Ferrari


The Follower of Christ must gear up for a struggle. However, it is not a physical
struggle; it is a spiritual struggle. Whether we want to be in this conflict or not, it is upon us
because we believe the Word of God.

The Death of a Culture


How should the saints of the Risen Saviour Live when the society in which they are
found is decaying and disintegrating into a putrid mess? They must be vigilant to be holy and
righteous, glorifying their God in all things.

2022 12 25 Silent Night


A message to be delivered on Christmas day. Christ has come, and he will return.
This is the promise of the season. Amen.

Joy Overflowing

Summary: Joy is the inevitable result for the one who is obedient to the will of the Living God.

God’s Love Revealed


Mary’s obedience demonstrates the proper response to God’s call in the life of each one.

Peace in the Midst of Chaos


Embracing obedience to God brought peace to the young teenage girl whom the Lord
chose to bear His Son into the world.

Hope in the Darkness


The birth of John, known as the Baptist, is the appropriate beginning of the story of
the coming of the Christ to present His life as a sacrifice for sinful man.

The Eucatastrophe Of The Evangelium

Summary: God has brought life out of death, delivering us from darkness into light through the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Son of God.

Survival Guide for Life in Days Leading to the Apocalypse


We are in the last days. Though we don’t know the timing of Christ’s return, we are
assured that we are living in the last days. How, then, shall we live in this last days?

By Michael Stark

What Can Transform Saul?


The message is a contrast between a new convert named Saul and a mature follower
of Christ named Paul. The intent of the message is to encourage Christian maturation in those
who come to Christ in faith.

Standing Beside Them


One man delivered into the grace of the Risen Saviour can make a great difference in
the advance of the Faith.


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