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Anointed or profit

Summary: Pastors and teachers are appointed to serve Christ and His churches. They lovingly tend His flock without thought of personal enrichment.

An Investment in Hope

Summary: In a world which is increasingly unstable, what should the follower of Christ do? How shall we invest our lives to ensure that we accomplish something of eternal worth?

God’s Crybaby

Summary: The wickedness witnessed in contemporary society breaks the heart of the follower of Christ, just as such evil breaks the heart of the Saviour.

What Do You Know

Knowing God means that we love the brothers and build them in the Faith.

The Dangers Of Being Too Important


A message that warns against the destructive power of pride, encouraging followers of Christ to serve with humility.

To Dip, Or Not

A study of the transformation Naaman experienced may encourage us to humble ourselves before the Lord.

If I Am a Man of God

Summary: I suppose the term “man of God” means different things to different people. However, we have the account of an individual who was called a “man of God” and commanded to respond to a king’s command. Because he was a man of God, certain characteristics marked his life.

Sometimes It’s Like A Jungle

Studying the response of Jesus to the devil’s temptation lays a foundation for the child of God to withstand temptation.

A Reward For Obedience

Children are a divine blessing. Contemporary views depreciate the blessing of children, but even a cursory review of the Word reveals that children are a blessing from the hand of the Lord. Children are given to those with whom He is pleased.

A Fair Test For Those Who Think They Prophesy

Considerable confusion concerning the issue of prophecy reigns among professed followers of the Master. Among some communions, people self-identifying as “prophets” are honoured, adulated, and exalted in the eyes of adherents. Almost inevitably when people speak of prophecy, they are thinking in terms of foretelling future events. This is especially true in those communions that boast of prophets among their number. The reason for this idealisation of prophecy results from a dearth of teaching from the pulpit concerning biblical themes. Thus, untaught people readily confuse prophets with seers. There is a difference, and the difference is significant.

Giants, Grasshoppers, And God

A study of the response of the majority to the land God promised to the people of Israel provides standards for following God in our church and in our lives.

Can You Hear The Sound of Marching?

We face difficult times. Great challenges face us as Christians and as a congregation. No one knows what the coming year holds. There seems to be formidable challenges facing the faithful in the year ahead. On foreign fronts, our brothers and sisters are already paying an awful price to follow the Lamb of God. No one can say that we won’t face our own challenges in the year that now stretches out before us. In fact, it seems certain that we will face opposition, we will witness those who seek to damage the testimony of our Master, we will see days that try our souls. It is a tragic truth that almost certainly we will see from among our own ranks men arise speaking twisted things [see ACTS 20:30]. None of us know whether we will be present to see the coming year draw to a conclusion. We have learned to confess to the LORD with the Psalmist,

We know that Christ shall reign and that we shall reign with Him.

We know that God will reveal the perfection of His work in us.

Now, we listen to hear the sound of marching in the tops of the trees. We are looking up, knowing that He is moving and that we shall witness His power displayed on our behalf. We anticipate that He shall be glorified in His saints and marvelled at among all who have believed. Our God is leading, and we anticipate victory in the coming year. Come, Lord Jesus. Amen. Amen, indeed.

A Refuge From God’s Wrath

Jesus became a man to deliver us from God’s wrath. His birth does speak of divine justice, of heavenly mercy and God’s love. But, that love delivers us from judgement. If we reject the love of God in Christ the Lord, nothing remains but God’s wrath.

Creator? Or Angel?

Christ is creator of heaven and earth. He is not, as some, even in ancient times contended, an angel. Christ was not created; He is Creator. Therefore, He is worthy to be praised and worshipped.

“‘You, Lord, laid the foundation of the earth in the beginning, and the heavens are the work of your hands; they will perish, but you remain; they will all wear out like a garment, like a robe you will roll them up, like a garment they will be changed. But you are the same, and your years ...

The Eternal Throne

Summary: The Letter to Hebrew Christians emphasizes the deity of Christ Jesus. Even long ago, some wanted to reduce His divinity to the status of a mere demigod, by identifying Him as an angel. The Word is quite aggressive in presenting Jesus as the Son of God, Himself very God.

Today I Have Begotten You

The Party Crasher

Summary: Christ receives sinners. Just so, the assemblies of our Lord should be noted for welcoming those who are identified as sinners, since we each were once estranged from the Lord until He welcomed us.

On The Death Of Heroes

Summary: The message is a call for men to be manly, despite knowing the cost that may be required of a man.


Sermon Topics: Courage, Grief, Cost Of Freedom, Remembrance Day, Valour

Finders Weepers, Losers Keepers!

Summary: The world seeks to do something in order to be blessed. God calls us to be, so that we can enjoy the blessings He gives. Salvation is God’s gift, not a position we earn.


Sermon Topics:  Salvation, Righteousness, Eternal Life, Ten Commandments.

God Works With Surprising Speed

Summary: Study of the revival that occurred during the reign of Hezekiah, focusing in particular on the suddenness with which God moved the hearts of the people and the conditions that preceded that revival.



What Happens On Mission With God?

Summary: God yearns for His people to be on mission with Him. And when we are revived, we will enter into mission with Him. The study of the great revival during the early day of Hezekiah’s reign serves as a model of what happens when we are on mission with God.

That Makes No Sense At All

Summary: It makes no sense to be part of the same family and be mad when the father chooses to do for one what he hasn’t chosen to do for the other. Yet, this is precisely what happened in the parable Jesus told of two sons, either of whom were prodigal.

Take It All Off!


Some things have no place in the life of God’s people. Our responsibility is to reflect the character of our Heavenly Father.

Dirty Dancing

Summary: Christ Followers can anticipate persecution from the world. However, they are called to live holy, gentle lives in the midst of a fallen world, honouring the Father through righteous lives and by inviting the lost salvation in Christ.

I Won’t Let This Giant Live Any Longer!

Summary: We who follow the Christ face giants with stunning regularity. Studying David’s bold fight with Goliath will suggest the manner in which we must conduct battle against these giants.

Worst Job Description Ever!

Summary: God’s appointment is seldom to do easy tasks. God appoints us to do hard things, and He equips us to fulfil what He has appointed us to do.

Two years ago, Paul David Tripp published an article bearing the title of this message. [2] His article stimulated me to focus on the difficult tasks God sometimes calls us to undertake. God does not always call us to the mundane, the routine; in fact, He will often call His people to attempt the impossible. Or worse still, God will appoint us to do things that we just hate. God will back us into a corner where we have no choice but to do what He appoints us to do, and we hate it. If we will ever get the job done, it will be obvious that it was God that did the work. We may have been the instrument of grace that He used, but He did it.

Woe To Us!

Summary: God does judge nations, cities, churches, families. If we refuse to pursue His glory, there is nothing left for God but to hold us accountable.

O Lord, Just Kill Me!


God’s mercy and our anger can often be in conflict. Such conflict can lead to discouragement that in turn can lead to despair. The child of God must guard his/her heart to avoid falling into deep gloom leading to thoughts of suicide.

If The Bugle is Expected, A Flute Will Not Do

The context of the Apostle’s instruction is the people of God at worship. Worship is so simple, and yet, the act is complex. How could it be otherwise when we are speaking of ascribing worth to the Creator, the God of all the universe? Worship is simple in that mere mortals are ascribing worth to the Living God; there can be no complexity in that since we have so little to offer. However, worship is, of necessity, complex because it is being offered to God Who is infinite. How can mere mortals exhaust the knowledge of God who gives life to all things? How can man, impure and imperfect as he is in this fallen state, truly glorify and magnify the Living God who is perfect in righteousness, in holiness, in purity?

Moving Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Summary: The child of God is encouraged to seek His presence and His power so that they can excel in life. We must never permit ourselves to live at less than our best to the praise of His glory.


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