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Mistreating The Vulnerable

Summary: Christians are taught to treat the vulnerable with compassion and with generosity. The study is based upon the practised instituted by Moses for Israel, which practise is continued among the churches to this day.

The Continuing Ordinance


A study of the Lord’s Supper, instructing the assembly as to what we are doing.


Summary: Christians are obligated by God’s character to free those enmeshed in slavery. Among the enslaved in North America are those participating in the scourge of pornography and prostitution, which Christians must avoid and resist.


Summary: A review of the sin of homosexuality with encouragement for followers of Christ to treat homosexuals with compassion while holding firmly to the Word of God.



 Genesis 4:1-10


Anger against fellow Christians destroys the Faithful, and especially does it destroy the one harbouring the hatred.

Reservation For Two [*]


The message is a study of the nature of the Lord’s Supper as encouragement to worship. We who worship the Saviour are encouraged to see that He has made reservations for two–the Bridegroom and the Bride.

Why Would You Not Join The Church?


Christians are expected to unite with a congregation of the faithful in order to fulfill the ministry God assigns each follower of Christ.


Those Who Believed Were Baptised

Summary: In the New Testament accounts, those who believed were baptized. No one was baptized and then believed, but those who believed were baptized because they were saved.

The Spirit God Gave Us


The Spirit of God lives in each twice-born follower of Christ. Because He lives in us, we are enabled to walk in power, to love as God loves, and to act with divine wisdom. God calls us to be controlled by the Spirit He placed in each of us.

Who Can We Blame?


If we will cease blaming others, we must be controlled by the Spirit of God. A study of the impact of God’s Spirit in the life of a believer.

Why Does God Judge A Nation?

Summary: Through the Prophet Amos, God provides the reasons for judging the nations around Judah and Israel, as well as His own people. The reasons for His judgement stands against nations to this day.

And God Created Mosquitos

Summary: A study of the effects of the fall of our first parents and the ramifications for creation. The follower of Christ lives in anticipation of the restoration of all things.

The Mixed Multitude Among Us


Allowing unsaved individuals to provide guidance for the church invites destruction of the Faith.

Death Of A Nation

Summary: When God says, “Enough!” how shall His people respond? The response of God’s people to the sinful drift of our nation should lead us to grieve for our fellow man and plead with them to turn to Christ and His righteousness.

A Sick Church, A Lame Man and Two Broke Preachers

Summary: The churches of this day confront broken humanity. Whether we attempt to touch those who are broken through our wealth or with the power of Christ depends upon how we see ourselves as servants of the Lord.

And Then What?

Summary: Each follower of the Christ has had the experience of praying earnestly, only to be disappointed to discover that God has not answered his/her prayer. When God doesn’t answer our earnest request, then what?

Death by Despair


Christians are to preach Christ’s peace and the hope He brings to a hopeless, despairing world.

Things God Will Not Tell Us


God permits His people to think His thoughts after Him. However, our finite minds are unable to discover all that can be known of God and of His work in the lives of people.

When You Look at God, Who Do You See?


Our view of God depends upon our perspective. Sinners see God as vengeful; saints see God as a refuge. Thus, our relationship to God determines how we view Him.

If I Can Catch the Covid-19, Can I Catch Health?

Summary: Holiness defines the life of that one who walks with the Lord. Holiness is not caught, it is cultivated. Unrighteousness, however, is contagious.

That’s Why We Are Not Discouraged

Summary: Stress and Disappointment come into every life. Christians are provided a powerful response to such stressors, and this powerful response is revealed in Paul’s review of his own life.

How Big Is Your God?

Summary: Is your God big enough to do whatever He wants? For many of us who follow the Lord, we are not certain that God is big enough to do what is needed for us to succeed.

After The Whirlwind


Do we learn anything by passing through difficult times? A study of Job will encourage the people of God to realize that God always instructs us through the trials we are called to pass through.

The Joyous Mother Of Children


A Mother’s Day message to remind the churches of the importance of mothers, encouraging God’s people to emphasize the role of mothers for a godly family.

Did The Tribulation Just Begin

In these times of lockdown, some have begun to imagine that the Great Tribulation just began. Rather than focusing on such idle speculation, the Word of God would encourage us to shine brightly in difficult times to turn many to righteousness.

The Prison of God’s Promotion

Summary: Your restriction, though onerous, may be God’s means of bringing glory to His Name through promoting you. This becomes obvious through a study of Joseph’s trials and promotion as God worked in his life.

Signs and the Son


If we look for signs of Christ’s return, we are liable to be deceived. We are to look for the Son and not for the signs.

A Message for an Intellectual Age


Paul’s message before the Areopagus forms the basis for a study of how to approach an intellectual audience. This knowledge is necessary if we are to succeed in presenting the Faith in the midst of our world today. This is the substance of a radio message at Easter.

Facing The Panic – Part Two

Summary: A radio message designed to encourage believers to rejoice in the peace Christ offers those who walk with Him. The world defines “peace” in a manner that is unattainable. Christ offers peace that is the heritage of each person who knows Him as Master over life.

Peace In Uncertain Times

Summary: A radio message addressing the Coronavirus panic. Steps for the conscientious Christian to conquer the panic induced by fear.


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