Can You Hear The Sound of Marching?

We face difficult times. Great challenges face us as Christians and as a congregation. No one knows what the coming year holds. There seems to be formidable challenges facing the faithful in the year ahead. On foreign fronts, our brothers and sisters are already paying an awful price to follow the Lamb of God. No one can say that we won’t face our own challenges in the year that now stretches out before us. In fact, it seems certain that we will face opposition, we will witness those who seek to damage the testimony of our Master, we will see days that try our souls. It is a tragic truth that almost certainly we will see from among our own ranks men arise speaking twisted things [see ACTS 20:30]. None of us know whether we will be present to see the coming year draw to a conclusion. We have learned to confess to the LORD with the Psalmist,

We know that Christ shall reign and that we shall reign with Him.

We know that God will reveal the perfection of His work in us.

Now, we listen to hear the sound of marching in the tops of the trees. We are looking up, knowing that He is moving and that we shall witness His power displayed on our behalf. We anticipate that He shall be glorified in His saints and marvelled at among all who have believed. Our God is leading, and we anticipate victory in the coming year. Come, Lord Jesus. Amen. Amen, indeed.