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Memento Mori


We prepare to live by preparing for death.

Do We Believe Him?


If we take responsibility for ourselves at the Lord’s Table, it will not be necessary for
Him to discipline us. Let us approach Him with reverence and awe as we worship.

You Don’t Have To Be A Star To Be In My Show


Recognition of those who advance the cause of Christ through quiet service within
the assembly of the righteous

When God Says Don’t Pray for Them


 God holds all mankind to account. All face judgement, and some are judged now. When God judges individuals and even communities, He informs His people, saying, “Don’t pray for them!”


The Prayer God Will Always Answer


Praying with confidence requires us to know God and to know what He has promised.
Then, when we present the requests prompted by God’s promise, we must defer to Him so that
He is honoured in us.

A Casual Observance With Obvious Consequences

Summary: A cautionary sermon against presumption against the Lord at His Table.

The Power of a “One Thing” Person

Summary: How did Paul become the stalwart we know through his letters? The message is a study of those who stand with us to advance the cause of Christ as others stood with Paul as he laboured for the Master.

Confidence in the Work of the Church

We can be certain that Christ will accomplish all of His work through the Church!

Confidence in the Provision of God

We can be confident that God will supply our needs. Just look that the birds of the air….

Jonah Chapter 4 – When we have a Problem with who God is.

What Happens when you have a problem with who God is?  We can learn a  great many lessons from Jonah’s life, but this lesson might be our most profitable.

What A Joy It Is To Know The God We Know!

The Honor of Proclaiming God’s Word – Jonah Chapter 3

Jonah finally makes it to Nineveh and Proclaims the Word of God.

The Honour Of Receiving The Word Of God


Jonah’s call to God!

Jonah Chapter 2.

The Honour of Receiving God’s Word

If you think that the book of Jonah is about a whale, well, you’ve completely missed the message that God wants you to hear.

The Crown Has Fallen

Summary: In tumultuous times of national unrest, the people of God must turn to God to plead for their nation. The message is a call for God’s people to see the danger in which we stand at this hour.

The Root of Immorality


A redraft of a message that was never preached due to Covid Lockdowns. The
message is a call for Christians to reassess their relationship with the Lord God.

If The Foundations Are Destroyed…


In tumultuous times, how shall the righteous live? The Psalmist has given us godly counsel that must be applied to our lives.

Whatever Were You Thinking?


If we dishonour Christ by treating the Lord’s Table with disdain, we can anticipate His

Four Days Late

Summary: When Christ delays answering our pleas, how shall we respond? God is merciful, even when it appears that Heaven in silent.

Pardon From The Prison Of The Past

Summary: Christ sets us free so that we do not need to live under the dark cloud of condemnation from past sins.

The King Wants to See You


Christians, especially, must always remember those who have stood with them, honoring their memory and the kinship they have shared during hard times.

Sometimes, I Guess There Just Aren’t Enough Rocks

Summary: In life, we may tear down relationships or we may build relationships. We use similar aspects to both destroy and build. Christians should be known as builders.

In Memoriam

Summary: Is the Lord’s Supper an act performed by rote, or do we worship the Lord through this act? The Meal is designed to actively bring to mind the sacrifice of our Saviour, bring us to the point of worship.

Losing God In The Church

Summary: We Christians must not allow ourselves to begin to worship our worship. We must always ensure that we worship the Risen Saviour, the True and Living God.

Assault Against The Faithful

Summary: Paul’s assessment of himself was that he was unworthy of God’s grace. However, Christ is merciful; He will receive anyone who comes to Him in faith, even those who are full of themselves.

When Life Is Treated As “cheap!”

Summary: Can God accept a murderer? He accepted Saul; and He has accepted many of us who were once filled with bitterness toward others. Those who turn from their evil to receive Christ as Master over life will be accepted by the Living God.

There Was Darkness Over All The Land

Summary: The rework of the Easter 2020 message, which was not delivered. Jesus was God in the darkness as He hung on the cross, and He is God in the darkness of these evil days.

When The Giants Just Keep Coming!

Summary: Each Christian will face battles throughout the life they are called to live. There will not be one battle, but each of us will face multiple battles, and the situations we face may appear overwhelming as we face our own giants. But God will send a deliverer just when we need that deliverer most.

God makes Room For Misfits: Struggling To Believe

Summary: Each Christian has likely struggled with doubts at one time or another. God’s Word is given not only to reveal the Father, but to encourage us that we are accepted in the Beloved Son as we believe Him.

Run Away! Run For Your Life!

Summary: Attempting to stand against the pressure of the evil one is a recipe for defeat, unless and until we are strengthened by the Risen Saviour.


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