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To Infinity and Beyond!


Though all associated with this life is impermanent, the future for the child of God is
bright with hope. Christ has redeemed us by His death and resurrection. Now, through faith in
Him, we anticipate a permanent home in Heaven.

If That’s the Way Christians Act, I Want Nothing to do With Their God!


Lost people often use our failure to live as we ought to justify their rejection of Christ.
While we cannot excuse them, we must know that we do offend. Therefore, we require grace to
honour God and to avoid giving offence to the lost.

What Christians Will Face In The New Year

Summary: A new year will shortly be upon us. While none of us is able to predict what we precise situations Christians will face in the coming year, we know from Scripture some general conditions that will confront us.

After Christmas


What happened after the Son of God was born. Events in the household of Joseph and Mary
provide a model for us to emulate after Christmas.

The Child

Summary: An Advent Meditation on the birth of Christ and what that birth means for mankind.

The Virgin

Summary: Mary was chosen to bear the Son of God, but she was not exceptional. The message is a study of God’s work to fulfil the prophecies of the birth of a child who was to be a Deliverer for all mankind.

The Prophet [*]


Jesus is the Prophet of whom Moses spoke. His first advent set in motion the
fulfilment of God’s redemption of sinful man.

The Promise

Summary: God promised to send a Deliverer because of our sin. Jesus is that Deliverer. At Christmas we remember the evidence of God’s mercy to broken humanity.

What Is This World Coming To?


God repeatedly warns inhabitants of this dying world to look to Him or receive His
judgement. The message looks at the Second Psalm in light of current world conditions.

Why Should I Bother Joining A Church?


The message explores biblical reasons for open union with a local congregation.

Judgement Day


We are called to judge ourselves, especially focusing on our motives, as we come
before the Lord’s Table.



Praising God in this day is preparation for our eternal occupation of praising the
Living God. Our praise will no longer be a labour, but a source of eternal joy.



The people of God have always been a vocal people at worship. Scripture teaches us
to affirm the truth by openly commenting, “Amen.

This Kind…


Christians are at war with an unseen, though extremely powerful, enemy. We are,
however, not defenseless. We are given authority over the enemy, if we will invoke our rights
given in Christ.

Memento Mori


We prepare to live by preparing for death.

Do We Believe Him?


If we take responsibility for ourselves at the Lord’s Table, it will not be necessary for
Him to discipline us. Let us approach Him with reverence and awe as we worship.

You Don’t Have To Be A Star To Be In My Show


Recognition of those who advance the cause of Christ through quiet service within
the assembly of the righteous

When God Says Don’t Pray for Them


 God holds all mankind to account. All face judgement, and some are judged now. When God judges individuals and even communities, He informs His people, saying, “Don’t pray for them!”


The Prayer God Will Always Answer


Praying with confidence requires us to know God and to know what He has promised.
Then, when we present the requests prompted by God’s promise, we must defer to Him so that
He is honoured in us.

A Casual Observance With Obvious Consequences

Summary: A cautionary sermon against presumption against the Lord at His Table.

The Power of a “One Thing” Person

Summary: How did Paul become the stalwart we know through his letters? The message is a study of those who stand with us to advance the cause of Christ as others stood with Paul as he laboured for the Master.

Confidence in the Work of the Church

We can be certain that Christ will accomplish all of His work through the Church!

Confidence in the Provision of God

We can be confident that God will supply our needs. Just look that the birds of the air….

Jonah Chapter 4 – When we have a Problem with who God is.

What Happens when you have a problem with who God is?  We can learn a  great many lessons from Jonah’s life, but this lesson might be our most profitable.

What A Joy It Is To Know The God We Know!

The Honor of Proclaiming God’s Word – Jonah Chapter 3

Jonah finally makes it to Nineveh and Proclaims the Word of God.

The Honour Of Receiving The Word Of God


Jonah’s call to God!

Jonah Chapter 2.

The Honour of Receiving God’s Word

If you think that the book of Jonah is about a whale, well, you’ve completely missed the message that God wants you to hear.

The Crown Has Fallen

Summary: In tumultuous times of national unrest, the people of God must turn to God to plead for their nation. The message is a call for God’s people to see the danger in which we stand at this hour.

The Root of Immorality


A redraft of a message that was never preached due to Covid Lockdowns. The
message is a call for Christians to reassess their relationship with the Lord God.


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