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We Saw It, But We Don’t Believe It!

Summary: The struggle to believe is real, but it is overcome when we meet the Risen, Living Son of God.

The Ecstasy Before The Agony


Religious excitement does not necessarily translate into spiritual worship. Rather,
the one following Jesus must guard against being turned aside by that which appears good.
Remember that good is enemy of the best.

I Need You To Touch Me!

Summary: We often delay seeking Christ’s help until desperation drives us to Him. He stands ready to deliver us when we come to Him confessing our need for Him to touch us.

Marks of the True Church: Love


Christians are lovers. We are distinguished from the world by Who we love and the
manner in which we reveal our love. Ours is a love which results from the love of God which is poured out into our lives.

Marks Of The True Church: Unity

Summary: The unity of the Faith transcends denominations, embracing all who are twice born through faith in Christ the Lord.

Marks Of The True Church: Mission


Jesus was sent on mission by the Father. In like manner, the Son of God sends His disciples on mission. And He ensures we will succeed in this mission by giving us His Spirit.

Marks Of The True Church: Truth

Christians are to be immersed in the truth as they are sanctified in this life. We are immersed in truth as we immerse ourselves in the Word of God and as we invest ourselves in the congregation wherein the Spirit of Christ has placed us.

Marks Of The True Church: Holiness

Summary: Our Lord prayed that His followers would be sanctified, made holy. The Father heard His request and has granted Jesus was He asked.

Marks Of The True Church: Joy


Christ promised joy for those who follow Him. One sure mark of the redeemed is joy.

The Stone That Was Never Thrown


How do we, as followers of the Christ, respond to sin when it is exposed to us?

The Christian Response to Social Evil


How shall followers of Christ respond to the growing wickedness of our world?

There Once Was a Country…


What we are as a nation is not what we were, and the difference is not something to
be celebrated.

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion.?

Summary: While we would never encourage a church to be “woke,” there is a biblical expectation that we will practise Scriptural diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as demonstrated by Jesus.

Hope in the Darkness


God’s curse pronounced against the serpent gave hope to the fallen pair who had
rebelled against their Creator. That hope is fulfilled in the salvation offered in Christ the Lord.

The High Cost of Sin


Sin has infected the race. It contaminates our lives, ultimately ensuring our death.

The Son of God was born to offer His life as a sacrifice, taking the sin of all mankind upon

Himself. This is the neglected message of Christmas.

Help! There’s A Snake In My Garden!


We need a Redeemer because we are fallen people. We inherited our fallen nature because of the fall of our first parents. Eve was seduced by Satan, and Adam chose to rebel against God. Thus, the creation was plunged into ruin.

Perfection in Paradise


An unusual Advent series focusing on how we arrived t our present condition so we

will know why it was necessary for Messiah to be born in order to give His life.

A Preacher For This Generation

Summary: A call for us who preach to determine that we are delivering the message our God has given and not speaking to make people feel good about themselves.

Let Me Die The Death Of The Upright


Surprised by the intervention of God, Balaam pronounces one of the great aspirations

of all who know and worship the Lord God.

The Impact of One Friend

Summary: We Christians are commanded to love one another. But what does such love look like? If we love one another, what practical impact will that love have on us as a congregation?

God Is Not The God Of Confusion

Summary: We must not imagine that the confusion roiling western culture is because of God. Having rejected the Lord, civilization is confused, and without hope of being set right without God’s merciful intervention.

The Spiritual Nature Of Work


A message for the Labour Day weekend, emphasising that the work we perform and the manner in which we work reflect our understanding of God.

A Serious Inquiry into the Role of the Under Shepherd of the Church”


The message is an examination of the qualifications that must be evident in the life of one appointed to eldership.

Complaints Against A Gracious God

Summary: It is a vain and futile thing to complain against God Who is gracious. A study of the descent of Israel into complaining serves to warn us against charging God with error.

In These Last Days


The Word provides a description of life in the “last days.” We are forewarned so that
we can continue to live godly lives even as the world grows dark.

Do You Want To Go Away?

Summary: As the message delivered by Jesus transitions for followers to embrace Him as Master, many chose to leave. The Lord questioned His disciples, asking, “Do you want to go away as well?” Peter answered for all who will follow the Saviour, asking, “Lord, to whom shall we go?”

Christ and the Social Condition

Summary: Jesus came to give His life as a sacrifice for fallen mankind. He will reign as King, but that reign awaits His return.

When You Don’t Know What to Ask Him to Do…


If Jesus was to appear before you, asking you what you want Him to do for you, what
would you say? The message is intended to be a challenge for us to boldly ask the Master for
that one thing that weighs our hearts.

Common Tools; Uncommon Tasks

Summary: God calls His people to serve now. He delights to use us with what we have, and not after some long, extended preparation in the distant future.

Common Tools; Uncommon Tasks


God calls His people to serve now. He delights to use us with what we have, and not
after some long, extended preparation in the distant future.


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