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In Memoriam

Summary: Is the Lord’s Supper an act performed by rote, or do we worship the Lord through this act? The Meal is designed to actively bring to mind the sacrifice of our Saviour, bring us to the point of worship.

Losing God In The Church

Summary: We Christians must not allow ourselves to begin to worship our worship. We must always ensure that we worship the Risen Saviour, the True and Living God.

Assault Against The Faithful

Summary: Paul’s assessment of himself was that he was unworthy of God’s grace. However, Christ is merciful; He will receive anyone who comes to Him in faith, even those who are full of themselves.

When Life Is Treated As “cheap!”

Summary: Can God accept a murderer? He accepted Saul; and He has accepted many of us who were once filled with bitterness toward others. Those who turn from their evil to receive Christ as Master over life will be accepted by the Living God.

There Was Darkness Over All The Land

Summary: The rework of the Easter 2020 message, which was not delivered. Jesus was God in the darkness as He hung on the cross, and He is God in the darkness of these evil days.

When The Giants Just Keep Coming!

Summary: Each Christian will face battles throughout the life they are called to live. There will not be one battle, but each of us will face multiple battles, and the situations we face may appear overwhelming as we face our own giants. But God will send a deliverer just when we need that deliverer most.

God makes Room For Misfits: Struggling To Believe

Summary: Each Christian has likely struggled with doubts at one time or another. God’s Word is given not only to reveal the Father, but to encourage us that we are accepted in the Beloved Son as we believe Him.

Run Away! Run For Your Life!

Summary: Attempting to stand against the pressure of the evil one is a recipe for defeat, unless and until we are strengthened by the Risen Saviour.

Would You Just Let Anyone Eat At Your Table?

Summary: A discussion of the oversight of the Lord’s Supper, focusing on the participants at the Meal and the attitude with which we are to partake of the Meal.

Crooks And Robbers And Thieves, Oh My!

Summary: Christ receives even thieves and robbers when they receive Him as Master over life.

Its Just A One Night Stand

Summary: Though adultery is often justified in our world, there is no justification for this infidelity. God holds the adulterer to account, especially if that one bears the Name of Christ.

How Can Anything That Feels So Right Be So Wrong

Summary: A Valentine’s Day message emphasising the sacred nature of marriage.

Selling Herself Cheaply

Summary: God makes room for all, even for those women we routinely dismiss because of a soiled past. If God accepts Rahab the prostitute, He will accept me if I look to Him in faith.

A Church Without Walls

Summary: A study of the first congregation of the Lord provides us with the example of a church without walls. The members did gather for worship, but they were compelled to penetrate their world to tell others of Jesus. We must do the same in this day.

A Church Without Walls


A study of the first congregation of the Lord provides us with the example of a church without walls. The members did gather for worship, but they were compelled to penetrate their world to tell others of Jesus. We must do the same in this day.

When The Church Is Scattered

Summary: Studying the response of the first church when persecuted can encourage a proper response to disruption of services in the modern church in the West.

All That And A Bag Of Chips

Summary: God worked in Moses to transform him from a self-important man who imagined God needed him to become a man of God who knew that he needed God.

Jesus Makes Room For Misfits

Summary: A study of Jesus’ ministry to the outcasts of society.

The Tyranny Of The Expert



A study of the danger posed when experts assume control over a society, over a

community, or over a church. The message is a call to participatory Christianity

I Won’t Complain Anymore

Summary: The whining of the people of Israel following God’s deliverance from slavery is too often echoed among the churches of this day. Grumbling is a serious sin against God, inviting His divine judgement.


Summary: The message is a reflection on the sacrifice of the Christ–why it was necessary for Him to be pierced and why it was required that He be crushed. The message is a reminder that our peace results from His suffering in our place.


Summary: The Messiah has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows. What does that mean to us in our modern world? That is the question raised in this study of Isaiah’s presentation of the Suffering Saviour.


Summary: What does it mean that Jesus was despised and rejected? Are we who call ourselves Christians guilty of despising the Son of God, even rejecting Him? The message is a challenge to examine our lives to ensure that we honour Christ Jesus the Saviour.


Summary: If someone is looking for perfection in the Bride of Christ, they are not likely to find it. People focus on an ideal symmetry, but God gives His perfection to imperfect. We will be perfected at the return of our Saviour.

Unwelcomed In Zion

Summary: A review and application of the ministry of Amos, known to standing with God and against religion.

Make The House You Have The Home You Want

Summary: The message is a plea for Christians to ensure that their families are provided with a model for Christian living and that all within the family know the message of life in the Son of God.

Communion – Open, Closed or Cracked?

Summary: Is the Communion Meal Open to all who profess Christ? Or is it overseen by the congregation hosting the meal and thus restricted to those who are in open fellowship with the assembly? The message is a study of this controversial question.

Cheating The Labouer

Summary: James cautions us against cheating those to whom we are indebted. The message explores some of the parameters of this admonition.


Summary: God condemns rebellion against Himself and against the created order. God calls His people to a life marked by peace.

Mistreating The Vulnerable

Summary: Christians are taught to treat the vulnerable with compassion and with generosity. The study is based upon the practised instituted by Moses for Israel, which practise is continued among the churches to this day.


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